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About us

About us

Vitrotest Company Limited was founded in 2014 in order to biotechnological research and production of diagnostic kits for medicine. Currently, the company represents biotech company Vitrotest Bioreagent LLC the European Union.

Innovative production company has its origins from 2006, when a team of biotechnologists founded a new enterprise to develop and manufacture medical immunoassay tests for use in the diagnosis of human infectious and parasitic diseases. In 2013, the product range was further enlarged by with the introduction of a new area; allergy diagnostics.

Diagnostic kits under the trademark Vitrotest recognized brand in the Ukraine for 10 years. The geography of our products sales is expanding all time not only due to the variety of the test-kits, but also the variety of biological substances.

Implementation and certification of quality management system according to standard EN ISO 13485 helped greatly to stabilize our product quality and began its certification in accordance with European Union requirements.

Vitrotest products have significant intellectual and innovative component. More than 20 years of experience in development and production laid down into our kits. In order to maintain established quality and competitive prices company Vitrotest Bioreagent LLC implemented important biotech fields: genetic engineering of expressing recombinant vectors and obtaining hybridoma cell lines for monoclonal antibodies production.

Development of biomolecule conjugation allowed to reduce application of human sera for ELISA controls production. We have elaborated ready-to-use TMB solution that is at the level of sensitive chromogens by well-known brands.

We constantly invest in new modern developments and upgrade our manufacturing facility to maintain the whole range of products in stock.

In business we try to understand and get ahead of the expectations of our customers by providing them with high quality tests and a permanent customer support service.